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Tired not only of not having my music at any time or place, but also of batteries, cables, connections, trifles and of course of my eardrum perforation after so many years listening to the Rolling Stones, Zappa and Robert Fripp. There was just something missing… I was missing the spark that could put my mind in motion...

On a trip I made with some friends to a cave I got really impressed by the acoustics …The sound would propagate with exquisite ease and one could perfectly hear a person talking many meters away. It was there, in that cave, where I found the spark I was looking for

I took my notebook full of absurd ideas and drew the first sketches of the "amplifier cave" which woke my mind up with its echo.

Eco, nice word I said to myself;

The idea matured and I started to manually make the first "ecóphonos" (a word which was perfect to illustrate the role of the idea). I researched about all types of materials, shapes, sound, sounding ... types of Wood and also different forms which were totally crucial for the sound quality.

I met a great team of professionals who truly supported me with the idea and went right into the project due to its affinity, sympathy and romance.

ECOPHONIC® was born !!

After a hard year we feel ready to present the result of our work:

Ecophonic iPhone and Ecophonic UNO UNIVERSAL for the vast majority of smartphones.


We continue creating.

Our team

Although ECOPHONIC is a project recently created, it must be mentioned that behind the entire project we count on experienced professionals in design, advertising or sales, who have supported this unique journey all the way.

We offer innovative and original, fun and exciting, functional and modern, but above all, ecological and beautiful products that respect the environment and brighten our lives.

Ecophonic® are:

Fernando - Sergio - Juan Carlos - Malés -Javier- Mayte-Cathy - Carlos 

We are aware of the amazing challenge! Let’s see what happens...

Greetings to all.

Wish us luck!