Partner's shops:  APETITU


Apetitu means appetite in Basque. A "place" where the play matters. The play as pure discovery in any area of ​​life. Where to discover who we are matters at every moment. Just every moment. We want to learn to know, from where we do what we do, whether from a real space or not. We are convinced that anything can bring us something alive if we have the courage to let it transform us.

We want to learn to do what we love and to love what we do. Apetitu is a personal project. One more way of self-knowledge where to discover what each one and the world is,... or is not.

So here we are. Now. Doing. Sometimes from a living place and sometimes not. We are beginning to stain our hands with natural clays and some ceramic object has come out. We also want to make handkerchiefs, drawings, ... but who knows what we will end up doing. The only thing we can and want to say is that now we are doing what you see.

Welcome to Apetitu