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    Agustina is a seal of design sailing across our sea,
    and it endows with the passions, the landscape,
    the colours and the typical Mediterranean chores.
    From that perspective and with an unconditional love
    for the geometry and the conceptual illustration, we create
    patterns with organic- and geometric motifs, which are
    characterized by their intense shapes in colours and freshness
    and which can be applied to products and interior spaces.

    of home items and daily-use accessories, as well as in all
    he projects we collaborate with other professionals such as interior
    designers or architects, specializing in hotel interior design, housing
    and spaces such as restaurants or exhibitions. Our patterns can be

    We are focused on the constant search of innovation on all its
    creations, playing with the shapes in a simple way in order to make
    roducts much more versatile and functional. Agustina reinvents its
    products to bring them closer to the audience, innovating on
    materials and processes thereby improving its characteristics.

    Since 2016 the search for the balance among beauty, functionality
    and versatility as well as the love for design, the local production 
    customization, and the attention to the details, define Agustina’s DNA.


    Apetitu means appetite in Basque. A "place" where the play matters. The play as pure discovery in any area of ​​life. Where to discover who we are matters at every moment. Just every moment. We want to learn to know, from where we do what we do, whether from a real space or not. We are convinced that anything can bring us something alive if we have the courage to let it transform us.

    We want to learn to do what we love and to love what we do. Apetitu is a personal project. One more way of self-knowledge where to discover what each one and the world is,... or is not.

    So here we are. Now. Doing. Sometimes from a living place and sometimes not. We are beginning to stain our hands with natural clays and some ceramic object has come out. We also want to make handkerchiefs, drawings, ... but who knows what we will end up doing. The only thing we can and want to say is that now we are doing what you see.

    Welcome to Apetitu



    We believe in the inherent beauty of things made one at a time, and we have a commitment with the extra effort that this implies. Aseismanos is a family business. We have a background in clothes and accessories design and patterning, and all you can see is made in our little workshop.


    Colindante es la marca de Santiago González, un jienense bregado en el camino, que ha consagrado sus días a crear joyas, entre otras muchas cosas, a partir de objetos dejados de lado. Y a vivir de ello, pues su experiencia le enseña que, por muy bonito que sea diseñar y crear, al final hay una realidad aplastante: tienes que vender para salir adelante.

    Así que esta es una marca plena de personalidad, con mucha alma, pero también con la vocación de adaptarse a los tiempos, a la demanda y al sentir de su creador. Tradición y modernidad sostenible.



    DEBOSC is a family fascinated by wood. The idea was Lluís’s, the father, who wanted to find new ways to relate to the material he had always worked with and that is an essential part of our everyday landscape in our hometown, Anglès. The rest of the family have joined a project that might be small, but that we feel very close to. We all have something to add to it: Lluís is the expert in the raw material (though we’re catching up!) and commercialization; Teia, the mother, is the problem solver and the handywoman that sews, wraps, and gives the final touch to the products we send your way; Raquel, the younger daughter, takes care of the image and artistic direction of the brand, and, together with Eva, the elder daughter (who tries to avoid any linguistic mistakes!), they handle social media and the website. As for the design, creation, elaboration and selling of our products, we all work (argue, stress over, get excited about…) on it, for there’s a lot to do around here!


    Tired not only of not having my music at any time or place, but also of batteries, cables, connections, trifles and of course of my eardrum perforation after so many years listening to the Rolling Stones, Zappa and Robert Fripp. There was just something missing… I was missing the spark that could put my mind in motion...

    On a trip I made with some friends to a cave I got really impressed by the acoustics …The sound would propagate with exquisite ease and one could perfectly hear a person talking many meters away. It was there, in that cave, where I found the spark I was looking for

    I took my notebook full of absurd ideas and drew the first sketches of the "amplifier cave" which woke my mind up with its echo.

    Eco, nice word I said to myself;


    While cycling through different countries I was dreaming about to create a backpack´s brand. Now I work in my Fuga workshop and dreaming about new travels and adventures."

     Fuga Cargo design and create backpacks for cyclists and adventurers because we are cyclist and adventurers.

    All of our elegantly simple products are designed with both practicality and aesthetics in mind from carefully selected materials and combined with high quality finishes. Modern, painstaking craftsmanship is the hallmark of our locally manufactured range.

    The project was inspired by accessory designer and passionate cyclist Elena's many two-wheeled travels. She designs and makes prototypes in her workshop-studio which are then manufactured by a small team of local craftsmen with over 30 years of experience in making backpacks.


    Hi dear all !

    Me ( Sara Güida ) , and my husband ( Alessio Nobili : both italians, but living in Spain - Costa Blanca - since 2008 ) , decided to began together two proyects : building a happy family and our own brand "iLiui" !
    ( artisanal design, eco-friendly )

    .... so here we are !


    JOLIET JOYAS – Pura geometría con inspiración Art Déco.   

    Cada pieza es hecha a mano por Susana Rodríguez en su taller de Madrid.
    Las líneas rectas, los ángulos y las esferas son las figuras imperantes en Decorativ, la primera colección de Joliet Joyas, firma artesanal creada por Susana Rodríguez. Las geometrías tan características del estilo Art Déco, que bebe de las artes decorativas y la arquitectura, inspiran esta línea minimalista en tonos dorados pulidos y que se declina en forma de pendientes, anillos, colgantes y pulseras, con su visión de la mezcla de elementos contradictorios conviviendo en equilibrada armonía.


    Jupiter by Bornay is a jewellry brand inspired by the art and nature with a history behind each piece.
    Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.
    It is also the fifth closet planet to the sun.
    Jupiter is ruling Sagittarius, my ascendant.
    Wanderlust, eagerness to know and meet new places, to undergo life-changing experiences.
    People ruled by Jupiter often embark in eventful adventures, ready to face adversities out of their area of comfort.
    I like work with materials inspired in the nature and searching for new textures, innovation throughout materials.
    I  create each piece for myself, I use to use different techniques trying to give them organics textures using the process of lost wax and casting.
    I studied fashion and I worked in this field for at least 10 years, In 2016 I decided to travel alone to India and there I had the opportunity to learn with jewellry artisans.
    In 2017, I moved to Mumbai, I studied for a year Jewellry design and Manufacturing, after this I did an internship with a big manufacturer in Jaipur and after I've been learning there as well  with a local artisan from Bengal, learning about different techniques and gemology.
    Currently I'm in Madrid, I'm working in my workshop and I'm still creating and making new samples.