18 de June, 2017

Today you discover the home of top-quality, original and sustainable...

Today you discover the home of top-quality, original and sustainable crafted products, along with the most engaging online content. Today you discover a new benchmark. Today, Especies Unicas is born.


Especies Únicas is a response to the world in which we live. On the high streets of every city centre we see the same brands, the same retailers, the same names. The whole world has become a giant-sized franchise. There’s no longer space for small stores, artisans or products with a soul.

Doesn’t it seem like globalisation has brought anything but the diversity we hoped for? Do people dress alike because we’re all the same? Do our homes look alike because we all shop in the same stores? Do we listen to the same music because there’s nothing else on offer? Do we all do the same because there’s no alternative?

As you can see, we love to ask questions. And as this is our manifesto, we’ve taken the liberty of offering up some answers too.

What’s happening?

1. More and more artisans, creative talents and brands are producing unique, select and original products outside the mass market.

2. More and more of us are searching for different, original products.

 Yet these products are hard to find, as small-scale producers are unable to compete with the big brands. That’s where we come in.

 So who are we?

Especies Únicas is an online market where you’ll discover unique, original products and the people behind them. At Especies Únicas we bring these creators under the same umbrella and we tell their stories.

Not everything goes, though. At Especies Únicas, our selection of products is painstakingly curated. “Especies Únicas” isn't just a phrase: we hand pick every item and every single producer. We want to offer you select products which are different and unique, and that’s only possible if we set the highest standards for ourselves and our creative partners, our companions on this journey.


What aren’t we?

A place to find everything. We’ll never be. That’s not our aim. As we said, not everything goes.

A place that delivers at lightening-speed: “Good things take time.”  

A place to find mass-produced products.

A place to buy soulless goods.

What do we want to do?

Value things that are well made.

Make sure that the products you find say something about you and the people you love.

Promote select and original crafted products instead of mass produced goods.

Drive responsible, socially aware retail.


Anything else?

 Well, yes. Especies Unicas isn't just a store. It’s also a meeting point. In our magazine you’ll find articles, interviews and information about our creative partners. There’ll be features on cinema, music, literature, photography, art… We’ll keep you up to date on events, offer the occasional tip and suggest a whole range of activities. We’re committed to generating engaging content for our community. We’ll open up dialogue and we’ll listen; we’ll talk about everything and with everyone. Oh! And most of all, we want to have fun.





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